Luca Cazzanti, Ph.D.

Nice to meet you! I am a scientist and a technologist with a successful track record in both academic research and product commercialization. I come from a statistical signal processing and data analysis background, which I developed into machine learning and data science expertise, and applied it to diverse fields. I have worked in both large, structured organizations and small, fluid startups, including my own AI consulting outfit. I lead technical teams and communicate with the business units and subject matter experts at the appropriate level of granularity. At the same time, I remain solidly technical and contribute product specifications, system designs, visualizations, exploratory data analyses, prototypes, insights. I most enjoy connecting concepts and tools from machine learning, AI and data science to the semantics, constraints, and requirements of specific application domains to deliver solutions that are practical, impactful, and backed by best practices. By night, I am also a soccer coach and soccer data analyst.